The universe of scent and flavour is built upon a palette of thousands of active olfactory compounds.

At AARAV Ingredients, we combine creative chemistry with expertise in the fragrance and flavour domain to supply high impact molecules. An achievement based on our ability to work with state-of-the-art technology, solid in-house capacity for research & development.

We are driven by the constant pursuit of the latest technological developments around the globe. This has resulted in AARAV achieving international standard benchmarks and the highest quality parameters that deliver quality output along with helping our clients to conserve resources.

These molecules lead the market in terms of quality and pricing. Whether adding a unique note, imparting a fine finish, modifying an inexpensive ingredient, or making your product difficult to match, our ingredients can significantly enhance the aroma experience delivered through your products.

Please find below a list of products offered.

  Product CAS#
Oxathiane Neat Oxathiane Neat
Passion Fruit, Tropical Green
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4 Ethyl Guaiacol 4 Ethyl Guaiacol
Spicy, Woody
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Rhuboxalan Rhuboxalan
Rhubarb, Green
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Arbrenol Arbrenol
Woody, Ambery
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T 2 C 6 Nonadienol Neat T 2 C 6 Nonadienol Neat
Cucumber, Violet, Melon
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T 2 C 6 Nonadienal Neat T 2 C 6 Nonadienal Neat
Cucumber, Violet, Melon
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T2 Dodecenal Neat T2 Dodecenal Neat
Coriander, Citrus, Mandarin
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3-Thio-1-Hexynl acetate 3-Thio-1-Hexynl acetate
Tropical Fruits, Guava
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Galbeone Galbeone
Fruity, Floral, Galbanum
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T 2 CIS 6 Nonadiene Nitrile Neat T 2 CIS 6 Nonadiene Nitrile Neat
Cucumber, Violet, Melon
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Trans-4-Decenal Trans-4-Decenal
Citrus, Green
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Irone AA Irone AA
Floral, Violet, Woody
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Lilbutenal Lilbutenal
Floral, Muguet
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