While vision reaches your brain, fragrance touches the heart. Fragrance provides a strong emotional relationship between your product and your consumer.

Signature fragrances, when achieved correctly, are the emotional identities that build lasting bonds.

Our perfumers understand this craft. It is a confluence of science and art. Defining the personality of a product and pairing it with the desired fragrance is a process that we take pride in mastering.

A perfumery equipped with master perfumers from a traditional school.

Access to an extensive portfolio of fragrances, including speciality ingredients.

Progressive analytics for each medium.

Fabric Care

There is a strong link between fragrance and perception of performance in fabric care. Consumers actively search for fragrances that convey an impression of cleanliness, softness, and freshness.

At AARAV, we seek to give the consumer the best fabric care experience possible. We create fragrances that provide the desired ambience. Our solution caters to each step, whether in a dry sniff, bloom while washing or retention after wash.

Beauty and
Personal Care

Personal care products achieve use-value through fragrance. While using the product, users rely on the scent followed by texture to determine if the product is working.

Whether gentle care or energising freshness, the product's promise is augmented through fragrance.

At AARAV, we understand the functional dynamics of personal care fragrances. We create an ambience that satisfies the reason consumers purchased a product– clean or gentle, calming or refreshing, bold or playful.

In addition to crafting an appealing ambience, we deliver excellent performance in all technical aspects. This includes in wash bloom, diffusion and post-wash retention for wash-of products. We also provide excellent dry sniff and retention for the leave on range of products.

FINE Fragrance

Fine fragrance is a delicate matter. Through fine fragrance, we choose a scent that represents us. It becomes an extension of our being reaching out to others.

The perfumers from our Maison understand the psychology of scent, and we have the capacity to deliver at scale.

From following global trends to proposing trendsetters, we offer fragrances across the spectrum that serve the emotional and technical needs of perfumery, including diffusion, retention and odour masking.


What is the first thing someone does after cleaning - smell it. The right fragrance triggers a sense of satisfaction and converts a chore into achievement.

A clean and fresh smelling fragrance signals power and performance in a cleaning product.

At AARAV, we create powerful home cleaning and care fragrances that are stable in the harshest of bases, mask malodors and fill homes with a lasting pleasant scent.


Along with visual aesthetics, whether a car, home or office, having a pleasant odour has become a must. Products that help create fragrant environments are becoming a part of everyday use culture.

AARAV creates unique and innovative fragrance profiles that reflect the tastes of the modern consumer.

Equipped with research and development, we offer excellent lasting and odour masking properties.


Apart of cultures across the globe, incense has become an integral part of spiritual pursuits. Creating an atmosphere of sanctity, the act of burning incense is connected to purity.

Apart from traditional Indian incense, Bakhour plays a central part in the daily cultural habits of millions in the MENA region.

Preferences for incense are as varied as the cultures and geographies they serve. At AARAV, we have the knowledge to help you discover preferences and provide a product with excellent performance in diffusion, volume and retention.

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