Sensory pleasures that emanate from the taste of food determine the experience. From an evolutionary perspective, we are programmed to identify tastes as an indicator of the nutrition that our body needs.

We invest time in understanding cultures, people and their food habits. This has helped us develop flavours that resonate with the expectation of consumers being served. We have delighted, indulged and enthralled the taste buds of millions.

Our team works hard to give you a seamless experience, including efficient deliveries, post-sales consultancy and a wide range of distribution across Asia, Africa and Europe.


A melange of flavours dedicated to creating experiences that indulge. We are in the business of making food irresistible.

AARAV provides memorable taste experiences for your brand. Excellent flavour burst, mouth feel, and longevity convert acts of eating into delectable events.


Bakeries worldwide endeavour to serve products that help them gain an identity and preference with consumers. We understand the sector at AARAV and serve products that precisely help bakeries achieve their goals.

Beyond taste, our access to advanced fat, sugar, and salt replacement technologies allows us to create delicious and healthy products.


Our range of flavouring solutions for beverages offers natural and blended flavours. We provide flavours across various drinks, including juices, soft drinks, flavoured teas, health drinks and more.

Whether subdued mild flavours or punchy tangy tastes, we have the range.


Our flavours for savoury snacks have been developed with leading consultants across the globe. We serve flavours that work for the taste palate you want to convince.

Our work with flavours based on Indian spices and herbs helps you dole out mouth-watering savoury snacks with a zing. A millennia-old reputation for Indian taste that is treasured around the world is now encapsulated in our range of products.


Dairy remains a core sector in the food industry, A source of nutrition and taste worldwide. Our range of products is created to enhance dairy products. From frozen to fermented, we provide an exciting array of solutions for the entire range of dairy products.

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